Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nose Can't Believe his Ears

Borgata Winter Poker Open

Cupcake Appetizer

The camaraderie at Borgata goes well beyond poker as players often socialize away from the table.  Case in point, a few days ago a group of friends left the B-Bar early in the morning and headed to Bread+Butter for a snack.

The group included:

Mike "Nose" Castaldo @mikenose
Liz Mendez @fattys1stlady
Lee Childs @leechilds
Leanne Rosenblatt
Will Failla @willfailla
Anonymous B-Bar couple
While waiting to order, something rarely heard was announced by Will "The Thrill," "it's on me!" As rare as a Lee Childs three-bet while holding junk in the small blind, the "Nose" couldn't believe his ear.

Mike proceeded to take advantage of Will's generosity and ordered nearly everything on the menu.

It was tough to drain "Thrill's" pockets as he was the Event 1 winner for ~$165,000 (not too mention two other cashes), but the generosity had to be commemorated with a blog post. 

The "Thrill" hopes the act of kindness will temporarily silence the critics who for years have called him "alligator arms."  You know, ones that are too short to reach his pockets!

Eye Popping Meal for the "Nose"

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