Saturday, January 28, 2012

Event 22: Seat Open, Table One

$1,000 + $90 Six-Max No Limit Hold'em

The guys at table-1 have been trading chips back and forth. From hearing their tales from the felt, a whole lots of suck-out cards and three-outters are hitting at a regular clip.

No monster chip stacks here and no knock-outs either, until now.

Mike Ferrell (Cleveland, OH) flops a flush draw and bottom pair with his 3-4 of clubs. That's enough to bet into a dry side pot, causing third Opponent to fold.

The short stack player who was all-in pre after looking at one card (an ace) isn't feeling too good.

Ferrell sweats Opponent's two over cards as the board bricks out and a two three's hold.

Mike drove out from Cleveland to play today and in the 2012 Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship. Players are coming to Borgata from all over the country.

39 players remain and top 30 get part of the whopping $284,000 Total Buy-In.

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