Saturday, January 28, 2012

Event 21: 3rd Place - Virath

$260 + $40 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLHE (Re-Entry)

Linhkhoune Virath (Gainesville, VA)

His friends call him "All In Lin" because he loves to go all when playing cash. Some of the guys even bet how many hands it will take before Linhkhousne jams.

Virath is on a bit of a heater as he final tabled last night's Borgata event along with collecting a ton of bounties. Of course another final table and cash tonight for $8,514. Tomorrow he's going for the triple - three for three final tables.

Linhkhoune lead the field with an impressive ten $100 bounty knock-out chips.

"I want to say hi to the Piedmont Crew and the Bristow Crew" said Lin. There are about twenty members that made it up and have been playing throughout the Borgata Winter Poker Open series.

Lin has earned some huge bragging rights after surviving today's tough field of players for a 3rd place run and $1000 worth of bounties.

Lin tries to play in every Borgata Open along with the 100,000 guaranteed tournaments, one of which he finished very deep.

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