Thursday, January 26, 2012

Event 17 Recap

$500 + $60 Super Survivor No Limit Hold'em

Eight players each took home a cool $10,000 as Super Survivor winners at the Borgata Winter Poker Open. Austen Johnson, Grace Sun, Harry Korotki and Daryl Boatwright are just some of the Borgata regulars who chopped up the prize pool.

"It's good value," said Johnson, who picked up his second cash of the series, "because most people don't understand how to play correctly."

178 players entered the tournament for a total buy-in of $99,680 as ~1 in 20 took home the big money, 9th place finisher Daniel Miller won $6,330.

In standard no limit tournaments, accumulating all the chips is the goal to reach the big money, but in this format simply surviving is the key.  "Players are too aggressive when they don't have to be, especially late in the tournament," said Johnson, who added that he had to adjust his game and fold more often than he usually would.

When the bubble broke and players were in the money, Johnson, who won the Borgata Summer Poker Open Leaderboard contest, was the chip leader and first in line at the cage to collect his $10k in cash.

Final Results

Austen Johnson (Greensboro, NC):  $10,000
Francis Dougherty (Philadelphia, PA):  $10,000
Chii Ching Sun (Merrick, NY):  $10,000
Richard Luckasavage (Yonkers, NY):  $10,000
Harry Korotki (Owings Mills, MD):  $10,000
Joseph Stuckey (Hicksville, NY):  $10,000
Daryl Boatwright (Sicklerville, NJ):  $10,000
Kerry Armentrout (Harrisonburg, VA):  $10,000
Daniel Miller (Philadelphia, PA):  $6,330

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