Saturday, January 21, 2012

Event 2 Recap

$350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

This proved to be a true match-up between girls and boys at the final table, as the woman were well represented in the second no limit event of the Borgata Winter Poker Open. But in the end Jon Sorscher (Lynbrook, NY) is the "man" as he takes home the first place prize of $46,495 and the custom Borgata trophy.

Three of the final 10 players were women and headlined by Marsha Wolak (10th), the WSOP bracelet winner with an impressive poker resume. She was joined by Julie Cornelius (8th), who continued her 'run good' streak after min-cashing Event #1. The Newport Beach native reminds the Borgata Blog she's a West Coast poker player living in Maryland.

Bella Ortiz rounded out the trio after quietly chipping up all afternoon. Her calm demeanor and patient play fit her image well. But ladies night wasn't meant to be as Wolak (10th), Ortiz (9th) and Cornelius (8th) were the first three eliminated from the final table.

That cleared the way for Sorscher who out lasted Greg Glassman heads up to end the Day 2 18 hour marathon. Glassman, who took home $26,142, stayed true to form with relentless aggression as his fast and loose style helped his maniacal image..

Matthew Wantman (6th) and Eli Loewenthal (4th) showed promise as two eager poker grinders. The played the role of "young guns" at the final table, their similar style showed that age means nothing in poker.

But in the end it was Sorscher who cracked Q♠ Q♣ early in the day and never looked back to take the title. This victory follows up a successful April 2011 where he cashed twice, including a final table during the Borgata Spring Poker Open.

Final Table Results


1. Joathan Sorscher (Lynbrook, NY): $46,495
2. Gregory Glassman (Brooklyn, NY): $26,142
3. Robert Santillit (Jackson, NJ): $16,805
4. Eli Loewenthal (Carmel, IN): $13,351
5. Joseph Opie (Fair Haven, NJ): $10,457
6. Matthew Wantman (Stoneham, MA): $8,589
7. Jason Deane (Bayside, NY): $6,815
8. Julie Cornelius (Rockville, MD): $5,322
9. Bella Ortiz (Bronx, NY): $3,735
10. Marsha Wolak (Sarasota, FL): $2,427

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