Saturday, January 28, 2012

Event 21 Recap

$260 + $40 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLHE (Re-Entry)

In the middle of winter, Sommers is best. In addition to winning $24,720, Lee Sommers is the only player who gets to keep his $100 Black Bounty chip because nobody was able to knock the champion out. Michael Gabriel (2nd Place), Linhkhoune Virath (3rd Place), and Dan Weaver (4th Place) all hung in there until some rapid fire 4 o'clock am final table action.

"This is the best poker I have ever felt like I was ahead every time my chips were at risk" said an excited Sommers moments after his Event 21 victory.

The hand that paved the way to the top spot was a final table three-way all-in where Sommers had pocket-tens and they held up against Opponents' 6-6 and K-8. With that multi-million chip triple up, and another bounty blow, Sommers soared to a grand total of eight knock-out punches and the monster tournament chip lead.

The only player with more bounties was Linhkhoune "All in Lin" Virath who captured a total of ten. Lin arrived at the 2012 Borgata Winter Poker Open with twenty members of his home game posse who call themselves the Piedmont Crew & the Bristow Crew.

An impressive field of 363 bounty-hunters battled all day and night for a chunk of the $94,380 Total-Buy in. The Borgata Ladies represented including Leanne Rosenblatt, Amanda Musumeci, and the 2011 Borgata Summer Poker open Ladies champion, Carla Berrious with Carla earning last woman standing honors.

Oddly enough there was not a bubble sweat thanks to Mukaul Pahuja (Long, Island, NY) who flopped top two with Q-10 against another big stack at the table who flopped bottom two with 10-8. Mukaul felted two birds with one stone and everyone celebrated making the moolah.

But once again the man of the day, $24,720 + $800 richer, is Lee Sommers. Lee directs 25 personal trainers in the Washington D.C. area and today ran circles over and around the competition.

Sommers played this one for his wife Amy and 2 year old Jordan. "Thanks Amy for letting me get away for a great weekend at Borgata."

Final Table Results


1. Lee Sommers (Germantown, MD) $24,720
2. Michael Gabriel (Huntington, WV) $13,732
3. Linhkhoune Virath (Gainesville, VA) $8,514
4. Dan Weaver (Kennebunk, ME) $6,866
5. Sri Chebrolu (Maryland) $5,310
6. Harvey Layton (Valley Forge, PA) $4,486
7. Filipp Khavin (St. Pete's, FL) $3,616
8. Chris Michael (Massapequa, NY) $2,701
9. Charles Lee (Scotch Plains, NJ) $1,831
10. James Karalis (Princeton, NJ) $1,190

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