Wednesday, February 1, 2012

29th Place - Banwari

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Narendra Banwari (Charlotte, NC) and Sam Bernstein play a one million chip pot and it comes down to the river.  The board is 2 4 4 K J, Bernstein checks, Banwari moves all in for 284k.

Bernstein tank calls and Banwari says, "jack," for a pair of jacks. Bernstein flips over AK for the winning pair of kings. 

Banwari is out in 29th place and takes home $10,996.

One more bust out and the final 27 players bag and tag for the night.


$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Tom Evers (East Northport, NY) and Brock Parker (College Park, MD) get their stacks in pre-flop over at table 2.

Brock's A-8 vs. Tom's A-9 with Brock's tournament life at risk.

Somebody yells, "Chop it up" before the hand. Turns out Tom Evers would have loved a chop instead of what transpired.

Brocks A-8 found an eight on the turn and took down the pot on a board of Q-2-K-8-Q.

Brock soars up to 760,000 while Evers is down to 190,000.

30th Place - Ruberto

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Tony Ruberto (Boston, MA) moves ~200k  all in with KJ against the A 10 of Dave Inselberg who hits a pair of 10s to win the hand.

Ruberto is out in 30th place for $10,996.

Tournament Update

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

After a ten minute break play has play has resumed in The Event Center.

It's an exciting and tense atmosphere as we're only playing down to 27 players tonight.

Three more eliminations before players bag and tag for the night.

Play will continue tomorrow at noon in the Borgata Poker Room.

Blinds are 10,000 / 20,000 with a 2,000 ante.

31st Place - Zinno

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Anthony Zinno (Cranston, RI) takes home $10,996 for his 31st Place finish in the 2012 Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship Event.

Zinno called pre-flop holding 7-8 suited and actually flopped two pair.

Flop: K-8-7

His Opponent held A-Q off and hit runner runner for Broadway.

Turn: J

River: 10

Crazy exit for Zinno.

32nd Place - Jacob

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Bazeley Jacob (Cincinnati, OH) finds a King on the flop gets his short stack in holding K-J.

Opponent calls and tables AA.

Board runs: 4-K-6-9-4

Bazeley Jacob finishes in 32nd Place earning $10,996.

Steve Dannenmann was sad to see his tablemate leave.

33rd Place - Alberro

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

End of the road for Roberto Alberro (Coral Gables, FL) who got it in good with pocket Queens but ran into a flopped set of eights from David Laufer (Brooklyn, NY).

Board ran: 9-5-8-10-6.

Another player folded 6-6 pre and would have rivered a set also.

Laufer now up to 1,400,000 after that scoop.

Roberto Alberro finished in 33rd Place earning $10,996.

Shufflin' Chips II/34th Place - Korotki

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

On the next hand, Ray Qartomy raises from the cutoff and Abe Korotki moves all in from the button for more than 600k.  Qartomy snap calls.

Qartomy: K K
Korotki: A Q

Flop: J 10 K♣

Qartomy is thrilled he flopped a set of kings, only to realize Korotki flops broadway.  Qartomy then starts routing for the board to pair. When the turn is the Q♣, he shouts, "yes!" But the card is no help.

The river is the J♠ and Qartomy gets his wish for a full house.  Dan Buzgon is having a blast at watching the premature celebration turns prophetic.  Qartomy gets the chips back he lost to Buzgon and a few more as he now has 1.8 million.

Unfortunately for Korotki his flopped straight is no good against the boat.  He's out in 34th place for $10,996.

Shufflin' Chips/35th Place - Wilamowski

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Table 1 has seen a ton of action the last two hands.  First Joe Wilamowski (New York, NY) moves all in for ~200.  Chip leader Ray Qartomy makes the call from the button and Dan Buzgon follows with another all in for 442k total.

Qartomy says, "I have to call."

Wilamowski: K J
Qartomy: A 10
Buzgon: Q Q

There's a gasp at the table as the window card is an ace, but right behind it is a queen and a king.  Buzgon has the lead with the set of queens, but has to seat Qartomy's gut shot straight draw. The turn and river brick off and Buzgon wins a 1.1 million chip pot.

Qartomy drops to 1.2 million while Wilamowski is out in 35th place for $10,996.

36th Place - Leon

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Paul Leon won his way in on a $750 satellite and just busted out in 36th place earning $9,826.

His exit hand was A-8 vs. Brent Hanks 99.

An ace hit the flop but a 9 spiked the river.

Set of nines for Brent Hanks.

35 players remain on 4 tables.

37th Place - Marshall

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)
Richard Marshall Jr. (Raleigh, NC) is out of the Championship Event after flopping top two.

Richard held K♠ Q and was up against A J of Louis Urioste (Flushing, NY).

Flop fell Q5K♣ giving Louis a ton of outs needing a diamond or a ten.

Sure enough Urioste hits his hand on the turn card 10♣.

Meaningless 5 on the river.

Richard Marshall Jr. is out in 37th Place earning $9,826.

38th Place - Thiagarajah

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Lee Fama - 460,000

Sick heater for Lee Fama who knocks out Ragavan "Rags" Thiagarajah (Marlton, NJ) in two hands. First Lee crippled Rags after hitting a straight then he finished him off.

Lee has KK vs. Rags' JJ. Shellie the dealer shows a Jack in the door but a King also popped out on the flop.

Set over set spells the end for Ragavan.

Board: K-9-J-8-6.

Fama asks if can put fifty dollars in Shellies' tip tray. He's allowed and tips her.

The very next hand he goes all in, everyone folds and Fama shows AA for a laugh.

Ragavan Thiagarajah finishes in 38th Place earning $9,826.

Chip Leader Still on Top

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Ray Rises to the Top

Ray Qartomy (Sugar Land, TX) is still the chip leader with nearly 1.4 million.

One of his big hands of the day came 10 spots from the money when he held Q 10 and hit trip queens against pocket aces and pocket kings, who folded to Qartomy's all in. He more than doubles up to 260k and has been slow and steady ever since.

Qartomy owns a granite company in Texas and has more than $500,000 in career earnings.

Players are back from a 10 minute break as blinds are up to 8k/16k/2k ante with 38 players remaining with an average stack of 579k (36 BB).

Event 26: Payouts

$200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Entries: 1,016
Total Buy-In: $203,200

Place - Amount

1st $43,363
2nd $26,057
3rd $15,768
4th $13,206
5th $10,841
6th $8,771
7th $6,997
8th $5,322
9th $3,646
10-12 $2,365
13-15 $1,675
16-18 $1,084
19-27 $887
28-36 $769
37-45 $690
46-54 $611
55-63 $552
64-72 $493
73-81 $453
82-90 $414
91-100 $394

Event 26: Bubble Burst

$200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

The bubble broke and the remaining 100 celebrated at the back of The Event Center as they all will get some of the huge $203,200 Total Buy In.

Antoine White (Baltimore, MD) has his eye on the top spot of $43,363 if he can continue his chip lead. White is now up to 760,000 which is still best in the room.

But don't count George Burns (Bridgeton, NJ) out. "I'm surviving but I'm gonna win it" announced Geroge. Okay, he only has 140,000 but he has a lot of heart and really believes - which it great.

His poker coach Renord is on the rail rooting.

96 players remaing.

Average stack is 211,666

Event 26: Bubble Watch

$200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

After returning from dinner the action has been fast and furious and now 101 players remain. The next player to bust sends the remaining players into the money.  The top spot is $43,363, while the min cash is $394.

39th Place - Kostenko

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Andrey Kostenko (Sayreville, NJ) gets his last chips in the middle with pocket 10s on a flop of A J 4. Michael Morton makes the call holding K J and wins the hand with a pair of jacks.  Kostenko finishes 39th and takes home $9,826.

40th Place - Shinawatra

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Burin Burning After Queens are Beat

Burin Shinawatra (Annadale, VA) is ready for a knock out when he has pocket queens against Daniel Currie's pocket 10s, but a 10 on the river leaves Wu with only 25k.  Curries gets the 400k double up, while Wu is out in 40th place for $9,826.

41st place - Koutelidakis

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Greg Koutelidakis (Buffalo Grove, IL) is out when his pocket 6s loses a race vs KQ, but it's an earlier hand that left him short.

Koutelidakis' pocket 7s were all in on the flop for 320k vs David Stefanski's nut flush draw holding A♠ Q♠.  Stefanski misses the flush, but spikes the Q♣ on the river for the winning pair of queens. 

The hand leaves Koutelidakis with only 50k and he's eventually out in 41st place for $9,826.

42nd Place - Lieblein

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Corey Lieblein (Sands Point, NY) can't crack aces and is on the rail with KJ.  Dan Buzgon's pocket aces hold and Lieblein is out in 42nd place for $9,826.

43rd Place - Cajelais

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Erik Cajelais (Mascouche, Canada) is all in with AK but is unlucky against the big stack of John Zoldak. Zoldak is holding A 10 and spikes a 10 to send Cajelais home in 43rd place for $9,826.

48th-44th Places

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

44th Josh Spiegelman (Princeton, NJ) $9,826
45th Eric Doerr (Newark, DE) $9,826
46th Scott Anderson (Candor, NC) $8,656
47th Justin Zaki (Tierra Verde, FL) $8,656
48th Alexander Kim (Hatboro, PA) $8,656

Chip Leaders

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Name-Chip Count

Ray Qartomy 1.3 million
John Zoldak 1.28 million
Marc Goldman 1.25 million

48 players remain with an average stack of 458k (38 BB).  Play resumes with blinds at 6k/12k/1k ante.

Event 26: Chip Leaders

$200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Antoine is White Hot

As players are on a one hour dinner break Antoine White (Baltimore, MD) is the clear chip leader with 600k.  He says the big pot is when he held A♣ K♣ against an opponent's A 3 for a 400k chip pot.  White calls the 165k all in with a pair of aces and no flush draw against his opponent's flopped two pairs.  The river is kind as he hits a king for a higher two pairs and knocks out his opponent.

Second in chips is Frank Pergola (Cranford, NJ) who has 550k.

135 players remain with an average stack of 150k.  Play resumes at 8:30 pm

49th Place - Tuttle

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Dennis Tuttle (Mansfield, TX) got his last chips in holding pocket 9s against Greg Koutelidakis' AT suited.

The board came T 3 2 5 2 and Greg paired his Ten to take the pot.

Dennis Tuttle finished in 49th place, earning $8,656.

48 players remain and they are off for a 75-minute dinner break.  Play will resume at about 8:10pm.

50th-53rd Places

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

50th Alex Santiago (Brookline, MA) $8,656
51st Leonid Lerner (Brooklyn, NY) $8,656
52nd Jack Wilamowski (New York, NY) $8,656

56th - 54th Places

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Two more out the door: 

56th - Amnon Filippe (New York, NY)
55th - Shawn Cunix (Delaware, OH)

Both players earned $8,656.

54th - Alex Smith (Highland Park, NJ)

Alex made the money bump and picked up $8,656.

53 players remain.

57th Place - Brady

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Matt Brady (Havertown, PA) is the 6th player named Matt to hit the rail on Day 3.  Brady's last stand is pocket queens against the pocket kings of Joe Verrecchia.  Brady takes home $7,720 for finishing in 57th place.

58th Place - Gold

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Larry Gold (Medford, NY) moves his last few big blinds all in with KJ against the pocket queens of Sam Bernstein, but he doesn't improve.  Bernstein now has one million chips as Gold finishes 58th for $7,720.

New Chip Leader

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Play resumed after the break with level 21, blinds 5k/10k with 1k antes.

 John Zoldak

John Zoldak is the chip leader with about 1.3 million.

59th Place - Frankenberger

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

The reigning WPT Player of the Year Andy Frankenberger (New York, NY) is out when his pocket 5s don't catch up to Dan Currie's pocket kings.  His short stack takes Currie's chip count to 650k.

Frankenberger wins $7,720 for his 59th place finish.

61st - 60th Places

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

61st - David Paredes (New York, NY)
60th - Mike Summers (Charlottesville, VA)

Both players earned $7,720.

59 players remain. 

66th - 62nd Places

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

The latest departures:

66th -  Brian Hastings
65th -  Francis Cipriano
64th -  Anthony Newman

All three of these players will pick up $6,785.

63rd - Joseph Pombriant (Portsmouth, NH)
62nd - Wai Cheng (Paramus, NJ)

These two players will pick up $7,720.

61 players remain at seven tables.  Average is about 361k.

They're taking a break at the end of level  20.

Event 26: Blind Squirrel Finds a Nut

$200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

 DeNicco with DaNuts

"I can't believe I'm still in this tournament with all these pros," says AJ DeNicco, who's the founder of Blind Squirrel Apparel.  DeNicco is at the table with three time WSOP bracelet holder "Miami" John Cernuto but is the short stack with 95k.

290 players remain (of 1,000+ that started) with an average stack of 70k (23 BB) as blinds are 1,500/3k/400 ante.

DeNicco's company is been prominent throughout the open as all final table participants receive a Blind Squirrel t-shirt and was featured in the Borgata Poker Blog.

67th Place - Saeed

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

On the turn with a board of Q96♠K♠, Omar Saeed (New York, NY) was all-in against John Zoldak.

Omar held pocket 9s and had flopped a set. 

John held K6 and had turned two pair after flopping a pair and a flush draw.

The river was the J and completed John's flush.  He took the massive pot, chipping up to over 1 million.

Omar finished in 67th place ($6,785).

68th Place - Hook

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Kings no good for Chalie.

Chalie Hook raised with pocket Kings and Luis Urioste called from the big blind with 75 suited in clubs. 

The flop came 8 7 2 with two clubs and then the Jack of clubs came on the river, completing Luis' flush.  He took a big pot from Chalie, who was left with about 100k.

Then Chalie got all-in holding QJ offsuit, only to run into Luis' pocket Kings.  This time the Kings held up and Luis collected the rest of Chalie's chips.

Charles 'Chalie' Hook (Philadelphia, PA) finished in 68th place ($6,785).

72nd - 69th Places

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Once the bubble broke, it was "Time to shove" as Mike Devinsky (Middletown, NJ) said. 

He got his chips in good with AQ off against KJ.  The flop came K J 6 giving his opponent two pair.  Mike picked up a flush draw, but it didn't come.  The Ace on the river was too little, too late. 

Mike reported to the rail in 72nd place.

Also gone:

71st - Joseph Opie (Fair Haven, NJ)
70th - Matthew Pierce (Albany, NY)
69th - Avdo Djokovic (Staten Island, NY)

All these players will pick up $6,785 for their work.

Brutal Bubble

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

On the first hand of hand-for-hand play on the bubble:

Joe Brattole had been sitting on a short stack for a while and finally got his chips in good with AK against the KT of Joshua Mancuso.

The flop came A J 8 and all good for Joe.

Turn was another Ace and gravy, giving Joe trip Aces.

Then a Queen hit the river, giving Joshua the Broadway straight and the pot.  Joe left with the title of bubble-boy and $0.

The remaining 72 players are in the money, guaranteed to leave with at least $6,785.  They broke table nine and play returned to normal.

Borgata Leaderboard Update (2/1)

Borgata Winter Poker Open Leaderboard
By participating in any Borgata Winter Poker Open event (January 18 - February 3, 2012), players earn points based upon the Borgata Poker Tournament Leaderboard Formula.

Below are the top scores for the 2012 Borgata Winter Poker Open Leaderboard*
(Final Results from events 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52)


Countdown to the Bubble

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

In a battle of the blinds, Aaron Steury shoved from the small and got called by Jacob Bazeley in the big. 

Aaron's Q9 was racing against Jacob's pocket 6s.  The board brought no help for Aaron and he was toast.

Cornel Cimpan got his chips in with KT and got looked up by Jeff Papola, who held QJ suited.

The flop came 9 9 8, which was good for Cornel.  His King-high was still ahead, but Jeff picked up a gutshot.

Turn was another 8 and still good for Cornel.

Then a Ten on the river gave Jeff the straight and the pot.  Cornel got the boot.

Tam Ly got his last chips in with T7, only to run into the pocket Aces or Eric Doerr.  The Aces held and Tam was busted.

Down to 73 and time for hand-for-hand play.

77 Players Remain

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Richard Marshall Jr. was all-in with AK against pocket Jacks.  The flop came K K 6, looking like a double for Richard with trip Kings.  Then a 2-outer Jack hit the turn, giving his opponent Jacks-full.

Then an Ace on the river gave Richard Kings-full to take the pot, double-up, and survive.

Randy Pfeifer busted out.

77 players remain.  72 get paid.

Blinds are up to 4k/8k with 500 antes (level 20).

Gregg & McNeil Hit the Rail

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

David Laufer doubled up when his pocket 2s held up against Matt Brady's AQ.

On a flop of A Q 8 with two diamonds, all the chips went in the middle.

Tony Gregg held pocket 8s for bottom set, but Nick Manfredo held pocket Queens for middle set.  No one-outer appeared to save Tony and he was busted.

Michael McNeil's two pair was beat by a flush.  He's also out the door.

78 players remain.  72 get paid.

Moussa & Niebling Felted

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

JC Moussa busted out in 82nd place and with his departure, 81 players remained at 9 tables (table 10 was broken).

On a Queen-high flop, Scott Niebling was all-in against Joshua Mancuso.  Scott held AQ for top/top, but Joshua had pocket Aces.  The last two cards changed nothing and Scott busted out in 81st place.

80 players remain.  72 get paid.

Buckner Busted

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entr

On the turn with a board of 9 7 5 2 with two diamonds, Christian Iacobellis bet ~100k, covering Joe Brattole's remaining chips.

Joe tanked for a few minutes.  Christian said "I'll show you...I'm a man of my word".  Eventually Joe folds and does not show, despite Christian's urging.  Christian was true to his word and showed pocket Queens.

Steve Buckner got his last chips in with KJ, but ran into Scott Barlow's pocket Aces on the button.  Steve was sent packing.

82 players remained.

Leonid Lerner opened for 15k and got two callers, then Paul Leon moved all-in from the cutoff for another 19k on top.  Everyone folded and Paul collected the dead money.

Break Time Tweets

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Play resumed after the break with level 19, blinds 3k/6k with 500 antes.

Here are some Tweets from players during the break:

Justin Zaki @Justin_Zaki
260k. 85 left, 72 pay. Blinds goin to 3k-6k

Brent Hanks @Bhanks11
Pretty good start..up to 550k at first break, and my table hates every second of it #splashy

brock parker @brock_parker
360k avg 300 , 85 left paying 72

larry goldstein @tworedducks
Hanging in w/96 goin to BB6K...16bigs. 13 from the $.

Joe Verrecchia @JoeDeertay
680k at break. Really tough table too #sigh

jacob bazeley @bazeman11
Lost big 3bet pot vs Charles hook KJ vs Q9 on jj10 flop 8 turn..he had 1.5x pot left on turn wpsir

matt brady @mattbrady_
Started the day with 93k and have been able to chip up to 315k..84 left, blinds going to 3k-6k

Aaron Steury @NDGrinder
140k going to 3k/6k/500a 85 left #whynotme #rungood #BWO2012

Michael McNeil @potodds3
161k on first break. Going to 3-6k blinds. 85 left, 72 get paid. #borgata

Daniel Buzgon @WiLDmAn_75
335k going to 3k/6k 500. 84 left. 72 pay.

Tony Gregg @wwwBTHEREcom
305k going to 3k/6k. 84 left 72 pay #rungood #foldtocash

Brian Hastings @brianchastings
300k first break avg 265, 11 til money #borgata

Break Time Leaderboard

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

End of level 18 and time for a break.  Whew!

85 players remain.  72 get paid.  13 more to go.

Average stack is 259k.

Big Stacks
Jay Nair - 800k
Abe Korotki - 700k
Joe Verrecchia - 680k
Anthony Ruberto - 660k

Chips Moving Rapidly

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

After Brent Hanks opened early, Steve Buckner made it 31k to go.  Brent kicked it on up to 100k.

Steve gave it some thought, then open-mucked his pocket 9s, saying "I can't call there for my tournament".

On the turn with a board of K 9 3 8, Luis Urioste (bb) got all his chips in the middle against Adel Jo (hijack).  Adel tabled pocket Aces, but Luis held K8 suited for two pair.  The river was a 5 and Luis doubled up to ~300k.

Manh Nguyen was all-in pre-flop holding pocket 5s, but ran into the pocket 8s of David Stefanski.  The bigger pair held up and David took the pot.  Manh took the long walk to the rail.

Bykofsky Busted; Musumeci Last Woman

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

On a flop of J 8 4, Sheree Bykofsky got her chips in against Mike Summers.

Sheree tabled JT for top pair, but Mike held pocket 4s for a set.  The last two came 2 8 giving Mike the full boat and giving Sheree the boot.

With Sheree's departure, Amanda Musumeci becomes the last woman sitting in this event.

Amanda is hanging tough, per her latest tweet:

Downward trending ATM. Old dude 3b everytime I open but like had it every time. Down to 110k at 5k at a tough tbl. Double up time id say

Another Table Down

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Jay Nair's pocket 7s flopped a full house when the flop came 7 3 3 and he collected a big pot from two opponents, who both claimed they held a 3 (one showed, one didn't).   Jay is up to ~800k.

Table 11 has broken, leaving 10 tables and 90 players.

Edward Pham ran his AT into AK and was busted.

Additional Goners:
John Spadavecchia Jr.
John Myung
Tony Nguyen
David Rotches
Elmer Lynn
Eric Buchman
Alan Sternberg
Steve Brecher

Bell Busted

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)
Blinds are up to 2,500/5,000 with 400 antes (level 18)

Edward Pham doubled up with pocket Queens against the AK of Anthony Ruberto.

Joe Verrecchia busted Scott Baumstein when his AQ held up against Scott's KJ.  Joe is up to 635k.

Chris Bell was all-in pre-flop holding pocket 9s and racing against Michael Morton's AK.  A King on the flop spelled the end for Chris.  He reported to the rail.

Lots More Action

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Table 12 is down, which means 11 tables and 99 players are still in the hunt.

Only 72 get paid, so 27 more will leave with nothing.

Nick Manfredo doubled up through Abe Korotki, then busted Lenny Cortellino when his AK held up against Lenny's AQ.  Nick is up to about 330k.

We've lost another Matt --- Matt Stout ran his A4 into Amnon Filippe's AQ.  Another Matt bites the dust.

Paul Leon came over to remind me that he uses his middle name, Paul, rather than his first name, which is Matthew -- since today has not been good to the Matts in this field.

Not counting Paul, there are still two Matt's -- Matthew Pierce and Matthew Brady.

Kostenko is the Ace-Man

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

A roar from table six draws the attention of the room, and me, of course.

 Andrey 'Ace-Man' Kostenko

I rush over to find the table is aghast that Andrey Kostenko has had pocket Aces -- and shown them -- four out of the last six hands.

He only busted one player because the rest quit playing against him after seeing all those Aces.

Andrey 'Ace-Man' Kostenko is up to about 340k from his 176k start.

More Action

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

This time Alex Bolotin shipped a double -- to Erik Cajelais. 

Erik had AK off and was racing against Alex's pocket 7s.  The board came Q 8 5 3 K and Erik caught the bigger pair on the river to double-up to about 200k.

Nine more players are gone and table 13 has broken.  108 players remain.

Early Action

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Only two players had to bust out and it was time to break table 14.  Those players were relocated to empty seats elsewhere.

Jamie Kerstetter (bb) was one of the early casualties.  She got her chips in with AK and called by Alex Bolotin, (sb) who held pocket Tens.  The board brought no help for Jamie and she was busted.

Also gone:  Matt Glantz, Matt Matros, & Matt Ezrol.  Not a good day to be a Matt.

Championship Day Three Has Begun

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Day three is underway with 119 surviving players.

Level 17 blinds are 2k/4k with 400 antes.

Apparently I scared Daniel Currie right out of his hotel room this morning.  He was up early and working on his computer, waiting for the noon restart, reading the Borgata blog.

Then he saw my starting post for Event 26 at 11am and thought he missed the start of day three.

He rushed down here to the event center, only to find out that the restart was at noon and that Event 26 is an entirely different tournament.  We both got a laugh out of it and perhaps his early arrival will help him get a jump on the field.  He's returning with 325,600 chips in good position, 16th of 119.

Event 26: More Familiar Faces

$200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry) 

More familiar faces in today's monster field:

Taya Kuznetsova
Chris Leong
Elia Ahmadian
Tony Cousineau
Cathy Dever
Miami John Cernuto
Adam Agaev
Wazir Baksh
Steve Ryan
Abbey Daniels
Joe Boatwright
Bob Santilli
Marsha Wolak

TJ Jaimangal sends a big "Happy Birthday!" to his Mom, Joyce.

Event 26: Jam-Packed Action

$200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Blinds are up to 50/100 for level 2.

Today's re-entry event has the event center bursting at the seams.  All tables, other than the 14 needed for day three of the Championship event, are in use.  That's 76 tables.

Normally they hold back the ten seat at all tables for re-entries, but not today.  They needed all the seats for the start.

I'm told there are still about 100 people waiting in line to register -- plus the re-entries have already begun.

Event 26: Familiar Faces

$200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Lots of familiar faces have already arrived for today's other event. 

Mike 'Little Man' Sica
Kelly Armentrout
James Boyle
Mike Leah
Rathe Miller
Elliott Zaydman
Matthew Piccolo
Michael Shasho
Ibra Ibraimovic
John Koliner
Daniel Chan
Steve Scales

Event 26: Wake Up, It's Wednesday!

$200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guaranteed

Cards are in the air for the final 'guarantee' main event of the Borgata Winter Poker Open.

There is a $100,000 guarantee on the total buy-ins for this event, which means that if fewer than 500 players enter, Borgata will make up the difference.  Can't remember the last time they missed a guarantee, however.

Players began with 20,000 chips (Big Stack) and blinds of 25/50.

Levels 1-10 are 20 minutes long, then they increase to 30 minutes for the remainder of the tournament.

This is also a re-entry event, which means that players who bust out during the first 8 levels may chose to re-enter as many times as they like.

Seat Assignments (Alpha)

Borgata Winter Poker Open
Event 23 - $3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em
January 29 - February 3, 2012

Entries: 734
Total Buy-In: $2,422,200

T 07 | S 03 - ADAM, CEDRIC:  114,900
T 05 | S 01 - AFRIAT, ERIC:  410,000
T 01 | S 08 - ALBERRO, ROBERTO:  290,000
T 02 | S 04 - ALEX, SMITH:  179,800
T 14 | S 07 - ALLEN, BRIAN:  286,400
T 11 | S 01 - ANDERSON, SCOTT:  390,000
T 02 | S 08 - BANWARI, NARENDRA:  202,500
T 05 | S 06 - BARLOW, SCOTT:  55,700
T 01 | S 07 - BAUMSTEIN, SCOTT:  105,000
T 03 | S 05 - BELL, CHRISTOPHER:  178,100
T 08 | S 01 - BLACKMAN, SCOTT:  165,000
T 12 | S 08 - BOLOTIN, ALEKSANDR:  128,400
T 11 | S 04 - BRADY, MATTHEW:  92,800
T 14 | S 08 - BRATTOLE, JOSEPH:  122,800
T 09 | S 08 - BRECHER, STEVE:  72,700
T 09 | S 03 - BUCHMAN, ERIC:  46,700
T 05 | S 03 - BUCKNER, STEVEN:  183,000
T 01 | S 05 - BUZGON, DANIEL:  347,200
T 09 | S 05 - BYKOFSKY, SHEREE:  77,400

Start of Day 3 Chip Leaders

Borgata Winter Poker Open
Event 23 - $3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em
January 29 - February 3, 2012

Entries: 734
Total Buy-In: $2,422,200

1. MARC GOLDMAN (EASTON, PA):  640,000
5. MANH NGUYEN (MUNHALL, PA):  473,100
11. PAREDES DAVID (NEW YORK, NY):  366,800
13. ERIC DOERR (NEWARK, DE):  341,000
21. SHAWN CUNIX (DELAWARE, OH):  302,600
24. BRIAN ALLEN (BELLMORE, NY):  286,400

Wednesday, February 1

Today's Events (Event Center)

11AM: Event 26 - $200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)
                                $100,000 Guaranteed

  • Players start with 20,000 in tournament chips 
  • Levels 1-10: will last 20 minutes each | Levels 11+: will last 30 minutes each 
  • Players may Re-Enter during first 8 Levels (unlimited Re-Entries) 
  • 1-Day event
12 PM:  Event 23 - $3,300 + $200 Championship NLH
  • Day 3 
6PM: Event 53 - $100 + $20 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH
  • Players start with 12,000 in tournament chips 
  • Levels will last 20 minutes each 
  • This is a Bounty tournament.  Players must have their Bounty Chip clearly displayed on the table in order to remain active in tournament.
  • 1-Day event

      Event 25 Recap

      $350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

      NY Police Officer Robert Boyko (Yonkers, NY) fires a silver bullet into Kardon "Wolf" Chatman's tournament life and confiscates $20,271 for his first place Event 25 victory.

      "I got lucky a few times but I played steady, played the people, and waited for my right moments" explained Boyko of how he just beat out a field of Borgata bounty hunters.

      One key to the win came during a three-way all in at the final table. Robert took down a 1.5 million chip pot after his A-4 of diamonds spiked a diamond on the river for the nut-flush ousting 4-4 and 9-8 off. That hand sent 2012 PCA Main Event Champion, John Dibella to the showers for 3rd.

      Kardon claimed he had a party to go to so kept shoving all-in pre-flop blind. His insanity worked until it didn't work. Boyko even got into the blind shove act and managed to beat Wolf at his own game.

      Robert and wife Suzy are on vacation and said they love Borgata which they call their "home away from home".

      This event played side by side to the 2012 Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship in the Borgata Event Center. 199 players battled for the $69,650 Total Buy-In including Joe Boatright, Anthony Caruso, Brian Ali, Lee Kirsch, Gene Castro, and Ryan Eriquezzo.

      WSOP bracelet winner Arkadiy Tsinis (Las Vegas, NV) cashed but just missed the final table.
      Yorlan Millan flew in from Venezuela, collected six $100 bounty chips, and finished in 8th place for $2,027.

      But once again the big winner was Robert Boyko who locked-up Event 25 to the tune of $20,271 along with the engraved trophy.

      Final Table Results


      1. Robert Boyko (Yonkers, NY)..................$20,271
      2. Kardon "Wolf" Chatman (D.C.)...............$11,148
      3. John Dibella (New Rochelle, NY)............$6,418
      4. Yorlan Millan (Venezuela)........................$5,405
      5. Rocco Ferraro (Brick, NJ).........................$4,054
      6. Barbara Rogers (Lock Haven, PA)...........$3,378
      7. Craig Stern (Garrison, NY)........................$2,702
      8. Josh Supsak (New York, NY)....................$2,027
      9. Chuck Ulrich (Cedar Grove, NJ)...............$1,520
      10. Boris Genkin (Staten Island, NY)............$1,351

      Event 25 Champion - Boyko

      $350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

      Robert Boyko (Yonkers, NY)

      Congratulations to New Rochelle Police Officer, Robert Boyko who just knocked out a player he called "crazy" in a blind-shove heads up match.

      Robert Boyko locks up Event 25 for a $20,271 payday.

      "Borgata is my home away from home" said an excited Boyko who shared the moment of victory with his wife Suzy who supported from the rail. "She was my cheerleader" said Robert.

      Robert plays 8-10 times a month and is currently on a 2.5 week vacation.

      Luck was on Robert's side two times at the final table in particular. He made a move with 6-7, was called by 8-8's and spiked an 8 on the river to complete a straight along with a monster scoop.

      In another hand his A-Q ran down A-K once a Queen hit the flop.

      As for the heads up insanity, Robert said he found redemption beating Kardon "Wolf" Chatman at his own game - a blind pre-flop shove fest.

      This is Robert's biggest Borgata cash and he said he'll put the money to good use.

      Robert Boyko finished in Place earning $20,271.

      Suzy & Robert Boyko

      Event 25: 2nd Place - Chatman

      $350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

      Kardon "Wolf" Chatman (Washington, D.C.)

      Kardon Chatman lead the way with two double knock-outs at the final table for a total of 9 bounties.

      Things got a lot crazy during the heads up match. Kardon decided to stop looking at his cards and to just ship blind.

      The first time he shipped blind, Robert Boyko looked at folded.

      The very next hand he shipped blind again. This time Robert had A-9 and called.

      Wolf tables 55 and wins on a board of 2-10-6-7-7.

      "I'm sick to my stomach" said Robert.

      Wolf starts to get addicted to the fun and excitement of the blind shove. He says, "who wants flip for ten thousand dollars" and announces all in again without looking. Robert looks and calls with A-5. Wolf tables A-5 and the two chop after an A and a 5 hit the board. Sick sick sick.

      A couple hands later, still steaming at the insanity, Robert declares he's shipping blind - and Wolf happily calls blind.

      Robert rolls over A-K and Wolf shows K-5. Turnabout is fair play as A-K holds on a J-Q-6-J-4 board.

      The very next hand Robert looks at 99 and goes all-in. Wolf calls without looking but has K-Q.
      99's hold and Wolf is down to his last 500,000.

      I've never seen anything like it.

      Wolf was actually ahead on his exit hand. Robert shipped with Q-3. Wolf called in the dark and flipped over a 3. Then he flipped a K.

      Robert turned the miracle Queen for the tournament win.

      Wolf said he had fun and had a party to go to.

      The Mortgage Broker was the chip leader at dinner break, lost the lead, then got it back at the final table.

      Karon Chatman finishes in 2nd Place earning $11,148.

      Event 25: 3rd Place - Dibella

      $350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

      John Dibella (New Rochelle, NY)

      Three-way all in three handed! Definitely fireworks at this final table.

      John Dibella gets his last 450,000 in holding 4-4, is called by Kardon "Wolf" Chatman's 8-9 and Robert Boyko's A-4 of diamonds.

      Wolf hits a 9 on the flop and Boyko boinks a diamond on the river for the nut flush.

      Robert takes down a 1.5 million pot collecting Dibella's last 450,000 and 700,000 from Wolfie.

      Congratulations to John Dibella who a couple weeks ago won 1st place in the 2012 PCA main event. We're glad the first place he stopped after his huge win was Borgata.

      Turns out Kyle Julius finished second to John and was also playing in the 2012 Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship Event.

      Both John and Kyle were knocked out of the Championship but had a chance to talk about their time together at the PCA final table.

      John Dibella finished in 3rd Place earning $6,418.

      Event 25: 4th Place - Millan

      $350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

      Yorlan Millan (Venezuela)

      The kid from Venezuela strikes for a nice cash at Borgata.

      Special thanks to his interpreter, Mario, who also is from Venezuela and also cashed at the 2012 Borgata Winter Poker Open Series.

      In Yorlan's final hand he held 9-10 but his Opponent flopped a set and earned Yorlan's $100 bounty chip.

      Yorlan Millan finished in 4th Place earning $5,405 plus siete bounties.

      Event 25: 5th Place - Ferraro

      $350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

      Rocco Ferraro (Brick, NJ)

      Big pairs are not holding at this final table.

      Rocco gets his stack in with 10-10 up against Kardon "Wolf" Chatman's 8-9.

      Flop falls 5-6-7 and holds up for Wolf.

      No silver bullet for Rocco who made the final table only scooped one freakin' bounty.

      "There should be a law" said Rocco who had the table laughing throughout the night.

      The guys were even singing "Eye of The Tiger". Fun stuff.

      Rocco Ferraro finished in 5th Place earning $4,054.

      Event 25: 6th Place - Rogers

      $350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

      Barbara Rogers (Lock Haven, PA)

      This lady had ladies but they were run down by the A-6 of Kardon "Wolf" Chatman.

      Barbara moves up a pay spot as the other player all in at the table, Craig Stern (Garrison, NY) had less chips.

      Barbara Rogers finished in 6th Place earning $3,378.

      Event 25: 7th Place - Stern

      $350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

      Craig Stern (Garrison, NY)

      Another double knock-out one, two punch for Kardon "Wolf" Chatman (Washington, D.C.).

      Craig Stern had less chips than Barbara Rogers so he finishes 7th and Rogers 6th.

      Stern got his short stack in with Q-J and was in bad shape against Rogers who tabled Q-Q.

      But it was the A-6 suited of the Wolf-man who struck again hitting an ace on the flop along with two more bounty chips.

      Craig Stern finished in 7th Place earning $2,702.

      Day 2 Recap

      $3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

       Charles Nearly in Charge, 2nd in Chips

      After starting with 734 players, the Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship is less than 50 players from the money after Day 2.  And when the bag and tag chip count was done, or in Marc Goldman's case, nearly done, the Easton, PA man has the chip lead at 640k-ish.

      "I was tired of counting, so I stopped," says Goldman, "I put 'ish' on my bag."  Goldman, who dropped to 21k early in the day, went on a stretch where, "I wasn't *not* in control of my table," he says,  "it was incredible."

      Second in chips, with an exact count of 638,300 is Charlie Townsend (Dagboro, DE), who won a 500k chip pot after the dinner break.  He knocked out WSOP women's bracelet holder Marsha Wolak and her pocket aces when he hit a four flush with pocket kings.

      After the big hand, the soft spoken player said he, "took a little here and there," to end the night as he was sporting his apropos knit cap for the Winter Open.

      There were different fates for the two biggest stacks when play began.  Chip leader and WPT title holder Tony Ruberto (Boston, MA) was near the top throughout Day 2 and finished 4th in chips with 544k, just behind Abraham's Korotki's third place stack of 548k.

      Alex Queen (Bethlehem, PA) was second in chips to start, but didn't fare as well as.  He was eliminated on the last level of the night, but did take home the $5,000 bonus as the Day 1A chip leader.

      But that's nothing compared to what the 119 remaining players are going for Wednesday in the Event Center.  The top 72 players cash for a minimum of $6,785 as the field chases the top prize of $542,771.

      Play resumes at noon with blinds at 2/4k/400 ante and the average stack at 185k (46 BB).

      Bag & Tag

      $3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

      Marc Goldman (Easton, PA) is the chip leader with 640k-ish. He says, "I was tired of counting, so I stopped."  Charlie Townsend (Dagboro, DE) is second with 638k.

      Big Stacks:

      Marc Goldman 640,000+
      Charlie Townsend 638,300
      Abraham Korotki 547,700
      Tony Ruberto 544,200
      Manh Nguyen 473,000
      Joe Verrecchia 421,600
      Eric Afriat 410,000
      Scott Anderson 390,000
      Greg Koutelidakis 375,800
      Chalie Hook 371,600
      David Paredes 366,800
      Daniel Buzgon 347,200
      Eric Doerr 341,000
      John Zoldak 330,600

      Twitter Stacks:

      Jacob Bazeley  320,000
      Justin Zaki 280,800
      Matt Matros 195,300
      Tonny Gregg 160,000
      Edward Pham 156,000
      Amanda Musumeci 148,000
      Larry Gold  128,000
      Matthew Ezrol  98,000
      Chris Tryba 97,000
      Jamie Kerstetter  94,900
      Matt Brady 93,000
      Brock Parker 84,000
      Matt Glantz 70,000
      Matt Stout  58,000

      Level 16 Bustouts

      Olivier Busquet
      Russel Crane
      Bob Hwang
      Jonathan Sorscher
      Alex Queen

      Breakfast of Champions

      $3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

      Ryan Julius Calls It A Night - 191,000

      Move over Michael and Robert Mizrachi there's another brother duo in the Championship Event, Ryan and Kyle Julius. Ryan is the last Julius standing as older bro Kyle was punched out earlier.

      Ryan finished 67th at the 2012 PCA and his brother Kyle finished 2nd in the Main.

      The man who finished first is John Dibella (New Rochelle, NY) who took home $1,775,000 and is currently playing in the back of the Event Center at Event 25's Final Table.

      John and Kyle met up and talked more about the tournament which was only a couple weeks ago.

      Busquet Bounced

      $3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

       Busquet Looks Up in Disbelief

      Olivier Busquet, the 2010 Borgata Poker Open Champion, is out on the second to last hand of play for the night.  An opponent UTG raises to 7,500 and the button calls. Busquet, in the SB, makes it 22k, leaving 110k behind.

      After a short time, the original raiser slides a stack of blue chips into the pot, raising 100k more.  Busquet goes into the tank and decides to take a stand and moves all in.  His opponent snap calls and Busquet can't believe his A Q is up against A♠ A♣.

      The flop brings two diamonds, but Busquet can't hit the flush and is out just before the Day 2 bag and tag.

      Event 25: 8th Place - Supsak

      $350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

      Josh Supsak (New York, NY)

      Josh was crippled and super steaming after he raised 30,000 and Robert Boyko shipped all in with 6-7 off. Josh snap called with 8-8 and was ahead.

      He hit a third eight but it turned out to be disastrous because it gave Robert a straight.

      Board: Q-4-2-5-8.

      Supsak still had 500,000 but lost those chips a few orbits later when his K-K found three spades on the flop along with an ace.

      Josh shipped but Kardon "Wolf" Chatman snap called with A-10.

      No spades or king hit and Chatman knocked out two players.

      Josh Supsak finished in 8th Place earning $2,027.

      Event 25: 9th Place - Ulrich

      $350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

      Chuck Ulrich (Cedar Grove, NJ)

      Chuck Ulrich and Josh Supsak go out 9th and 8th on the same hand.

      Chuck had less starting chips and gets the 9th Place spot.

      A three-way all in where Chuck had 8-8 vs. Josh's K-K and Wolf's A-10.

      An ace on the flop held up sending Chuck home for the night.

      Chuck Ulrich finished in 9th Place earning $1,520.