Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Break Time Tweets

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Play resumed after the break with level 19, blinds 3k/6k with 500 antes.

Here are some Tweets from players during the break:

Justin Zaki @Justin_Zaki
260k. 85 left, 72 pay. Blinds goin to 3k-6k

Brent Hanks @Bhanks11
Pretty good start..up to 550k at first break, and my table hates every second of it #splashy

brock parker @brock_parker
360k avg 300 , 85 left paying 72

larry goldstein @tworedducks
Hanging in w/96 goin to BB6K...16bigs. 13 from the $.

Joe Verrecchia @JoeDeertay
680k at break. Really tough table too #sigh

jacob bazeley @bazeman11
Lost big 3bet pot vs Charles hook KJ vs Q9 on jj10 flop 8 turn..he had 1.5x pot left on turn wpsir

matt brady @mattbrady_
Started the day with 93k and have been able to chip up to 315k..84 left, blinds going to 3k-6k

Aaron Steury @NDGrinder
140k going to 3k/6k/500a 85 left #whynotme #rungood #BWO2012

Michael McNeil @potodds3
161k on first break. Going to 3-6k blinds. 85 left, 72 get paid. #borgata

Daniel Buzgon @WiLDmAn_75
335k going to 3k/6k 500. 84 left. 72 pay.

Tony Gregg @wwwBTHEREcom
305k going to 3k/6k. 84 left 72 pay #rungood #foldtocash

Brian Hastings @brianchastings
300k first break avg 265, 11 til money #borgata

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