Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Event 25: 2nd Place - Chatman

$350 + $50 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLH

Kardon "Wolf" Chatman (Washington, D.C.)

Kardon Chatman lead the way with two double knock-outs at the final table for a total of 9 bounties.

Things got a lot crazy during the heads up match. Kardon decided to stop looking at his cards and to just ship blind.

The first time he shipped blind, Robert Boyko looked at folded.

The very next hand he shipped blind again. This time Robert had A-9 and called.

Wolf tables 55 and wins on a board of 2-10-6-7-7.

"I'm sick to my stomach" said Robert.

Wolf starts to get addicted to the fun and excitement of the blind shove. He says, "who wants flip for ten thousand dollars" and announces all in again without looking. Robert looks and calls with A-5. Wolf tables A-5 and the two chop after an A and a 5 hit the board. Sick sick sick.

A couple hands later, still steaming at the insanity, Robert declares he's shipping blind - and Wolf happily calls blind.

Robert rolls over A-K and Wolf shows K-5. Turnabout is fair play as A-K holds on a J-Q-6-J-4 board.

The very next hand Robert looks at 99 and goes all-in. Wolf calls without looking but has K-Q.
99's hold and Wolf is down to his last 500,000.

I've never seen anything like it.

Wolf was actually ahead on his exit hand. Robert shipped with Q-3. Wolf called in the dark and flipped over a 3. Then he flipped a K.

Robert turned the miracle Queen for the tournament win.

Wolf said he had fun and had a party to go to.

The Mortgage Broker was the chip leader at dinner break, lost the lead, then got it back at the final table.

Karon Chatman finishes in 2nd Place earning $11,148.

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