Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Event 24 Recap

$400 + $50 No Limit Hold'em

An Epic win for Robert Romanowski (Lanoka Harbor, NJ) who knocked out Robert Israeli (Short Hills, NJ) heads up for a $16,994 first place prize and Borgata Event 24 trophy.

"I needed this win badly after I was off to the worst start of the year" said Romanowski who was determined not to settle for anything short of the top spot.

He entered the final table as the chip leader then took a painful hit against Eugene Fouksman. Robert raised big with A-K and still got called by Eugene holding Q-9. Bob flopped the nut flush draw only to watch Fouksman hit runner, runner Q-Q for the crippling blow. So just like that in one hand he went from chip leader to short stack where he sat stuck for two hours.

He battled back with two key double-ups where in both cases he flopped straights, once with Q-J and once with J-9.

This event was going on simultaneously next to the 2012 Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship Event. 146 players bought in at high-noon and were given 15,000 chips to play with.

Rick Austin, James "Suits" Salters, Fritz Stoner, Frank Rasile, and Vincent Basilicata each made an appearance trying to take down some of the $58,400 Total Buy-In.

Cameron Cornell flopped a straight flush with J-9 of diamonds but it was too much too late as he only had 3000 chips left three-handed. Cornell was gone a couple hands later.

That lead to a quick heads up where the last Robert standing was Robert Romanowski who hit three eights on the turn to take home the Borgata trophy and $16,994 - money that his bank account really needed.

"The perfect way to end a rough month for me...it's ridiculous how I managed to win it" exclaimed Romanowski.

Final Table Results


1. Robert Romanowski (Lanoka Harbor, NJ) $16,994
2. Robert Israeli (Short Hills, NJ) $9,347
3. Cameron Cornell (Asbury Park, NJ) $5,382
4. Eugene Fouksman (New York, NY) $4,532
5. Wayne Pineault (Shrewsbury, NJ) $3,399
6. Adam Chavis (Baltimore, MD) $2,832
7. Michael Sherman (Arlington, VA) $2,266
8. Stuart William (Long Island, NY) $1,699
9. Stephen Donk (Brooklyn, NY) $1,275
10. Pramudya Rizal (Brooklyn, NY) $1,133

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