Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Stacks Collide

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

Childs & Inselberg

Abe Korotki (125k), Dave "Cold Stone" Inselberg (124k) and Darryl Boatwright (91k) all start the day in the top 15% in chips.  The three see a flop for 6600 and the board comes down 9 high with two hearts. 

Inselberg checks
Korotki checks
Boatwright 20k
Inselberg moves all in for 100k on top
Korotki folds
Boatwright tanks, calls and is at risk

Inselberg: A J (nut flush draw)
Boatwright: K K♠

The turn is brings a third heart to give Inselberg the flush and to add insult, the river is a meaningless king. Boatwright quietly leaves the table as Inselberg takes his stack to stack to 225k.

This table (21) is one of the featured tables right in front of media row, it also includes Lee Childs, Ilya Vasserman & new to the scene Taya Kuznetsova.

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