Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big Hand Before Break

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

 Fredrick Standing in the Tank as 
Wolak & Buchman (r) Wait

Table 5 has a lot to chew on over the dinner break after watching Marsha Wolak (Sarasota, FL) scoop a big pot against November Niner Eric Buchman (4th place 2009 WSOP Main Event) and Dennis Fredrick (Drexel Hill, PA).

And Wolak is no slouch herself with $225,000 in career earnings, including a 2011 WSOP Ladies Championship Bracelet.

Buchman rasies to 4100 UTG, Fredrick calls, Wolak calls 4k and then is reminded it's 100 more. "No ladies discount," she jokes.

Flop: K♣ 10♠ 4♠

Wolak checks
Buchman bets 8,200
Fredrick raises to 21k
Wolak calls
Buchman calls

Turn: A

Wolak bets 55k
Buchman folds
Fredrick goes in the tank as he only as 70k total

After several excruciating minutes, he flashes a set of 4s and says the blocker bet has him confused.  Wolak tells him it's a good fold saying she had a set of 10s, while Buchman (~115k) says he folded a big king.

Wolak is now up to 160k and enjoying every second of her experience.  "This is great," and proud to be one of the few woman remaining.  Steve Dannenmann and Charlie Townsend are also at the table and Wolak soaks in the moment by grabbing a picture.

Townsend, Wolak and Dannenmann

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