Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Event 24: 2nd Place - Israeli

$400 + $50 No Limit Hold'em

Robert Israeli (Short Hills, NJ)

Businessman Robert Israeli knocked out multiple players at the final table but in the end he was felted by Robert Romanowski.

Israeli was playing heads-up from behind and it only lasted a few hands.

All the chips tumble in after Israeli's K-9 hits a king and Romanowski turns trip eights.

Romanowski barreled out until the river. After a sneaky check, Israeli shoves all in and Romanowski quickly calls for the victory.

"This was a very exciting tournament with a lot of back and forth ...I love it and had a lot of fun" said Robert Israeli.

"I tried to break his spirit...he was dead a long time ago" commented Israeli toward Romanowski.

"My spirit can't be broken...Chips swing around real fast in this game" said Romanowski.

It was a great match to watch and remember, if Israeli rivers a diamond or a queen on the three-way all in hand he wins the entire tournament right there.

Robert Israeli finished in 2nd Place earning $9,347.

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