Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sending Chips To Townsend

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Townsend, Wolak and Dannenmann 

The Blogger Jinx is in effect!

Moments after Gorilla posts there are four women left, Marsha Wolak busts out in a huge hand.

The table likes Steve Danneenmann's version of the hand with "creative embellishment" that was very funny but I think we'll just stick to the facts so I can keep my job.

When the dust settled three players were all-in. Marsah Wolak had AA, Charlie Townsend had KK, and a third Opponent had AK. All the chips were in pre-flop. When the dust settled, Charlie used one of his Kings to connect with a flush for a 500,000 scoop, walloping Wolak out the door.

Charlie Townsend is the chip leader with just South of 600,000.

"I'm just not good enough to fold Kings" laughed Charlie.

And there's irony in Wolak posing for a picture with Townsend and Dannenmann before the dinner break, perhaps that's the real jinx.

Scott Niebling, also at the same table, did successfully fold Cowboys pre-flop to Steve Dannenmann's A-A earlier in the day.

15 minute break.

When players return they'll be two more level until we call it a night.

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