Saturday, January 21, 2012

Event 3 Recap

 $350 + $50 Seven Card Stud

The final table featured a mix of Borgata regulars and touring pros, but in the end local grinder David Rosenau (Absecon, NJ) won the title, the $12,716 first place prize and the Borgata Winter Poker Open trophy. Rosenau beat John Myung, another Borgata regular stud player, who earned $7,362 for his second place finish.

"I'm pleased," said a mild mannered Rosenau, who is primarily a stud cash game player. "The games are similar, but different. You have to be aware of the chips that people have in tournaments."

The key heads-up hand came when both Myung and Rosenau had split queens, but Rosenau's ace kicker played and gave him the chip lead for good.  "I played really well," said Myung, who often squares off with Rosenau in the Borgata $75/$150 stud cash game.  "I got lucky in a couple of key spots, except heads up."

When the final eight players returned for Day 2, big names Miami "John" Cernuto and Chris Tryba were playing for their piece of the $34,500 total buy-in as all eight players were already in the money.  Cerunto, who has three WSOP bracelets and $4.4 million in career earnings, finished 6th, while Tryba ($986,000 career earnings) was knocked out in 5th place.

Other Borgata regulars at the final table included Rick Dilauro (3rd) and Rathe Miller (7th).  The 69 player field also featured many decorated players including Chris Reslock (6 stud titles, including a WSOP bracelet), Charlie Townsend (3 stud titles) and "Grandapa" Jay Zimmett (2 Borgata titles, including one in stud), but all of them were eliminated before the money

Rosenau was nearly a Day 1 casualty as well when he was down to one gray (5k) chip with two tables left, but said his opponent, Michael Smith, missed a bet on 5th street. The next two streets were checked and Smith's pair held up and Rosenau had new life.

Ironically, Rosenau not only rallied to win the tournament, but knocked out Smith, who finished 9th, on the money bubble.

"I just got lucky," said Rosenau, who dabbles in business when he's not playing poker.  "Usually you get lucky by hitting a card, but I was lucky the guy missed a bet. He misplayed the hand slightly, but it's something that happens to all of us."

Luck was also on Myung's side when he was all in three times at the final table, and each time he got help on 7th street to stay alive.

In the end, both players took advantage of their lucky breaks and turned them into nice paydays as they brought their cash game rivalry to the tournament table.

Final Table Results


1. David Rosenau (Absecon, NJ) 12,716
2. John Myung (Vienna, VA) $7,362
3. Richard Dilauro (Cherry Hill, NJ) $4,016
4. Robert Gray (Atlantic City, NJ) $2,677
5. Christopher Tryba (Las Vegas, NV) $2,343
6. "Miami" John Cernuto (Las Vegas, NV) $2,008
7. Rathe Miller (Philadelphia, PA) $1,339
8. Al Polson (Williamsburg, VA) $1,004

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