Saturday, January 21, 2012

Event 5: 3rd Place - Pappas

$400 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha 8B

 Jim Pappas (Johnstown, PA)

Pappas is the third straight casualty of George Fotiadis who has been on tear the last fifteen minutes.  Pappas exits in dramatic fashion as the 10 gives him a queen high flush, but completes a gutshot straight flush for Fotiadis.

Pappas loses 350k and the attorney from the flood city will have to drive Menoher Blvd. wondering what could've been.  This is his first trip to Borgata because this is the "only place to find a PLO tournament."  Adding, "it's a nice structure, I wasn't pressed at all," and that the casino is "beautiful."

Pappas's third place finish earns him $5,013.

Fotiadis now has a 6 to 1 chip lead over John McCarthy to begin heads up play.

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