Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Event 14 (Heads Up) Recap

Event 14: $1500 + $150 Heads Up NLH

Two players were looking for redemption in the heads up format, but only Matt Weiss (Suffern, NY) got what he was looking for. Weiss defeated Scott Lazewski (Malapan, NJ) in the finals, two games to none, to avenge his first match loss in the 2011 Borgata Fall Poker Open.

"I've wanted to win a heads up title for some time," says Weiss who took home $25,026 and the engraved Borgata trophy. "Especially because it's so hard to play live," Weiss said after spending the last ten years playing heads up on-line.

Lazewski never got anything going in the finals and lost with wired 2s on the final hand when Sykes hit a pair of 10s on the turn while holding K 10♠. Lazewski kept Darren Elias from avenging his loss in the 2011 Fall Poker Open finals.

Elias, who lost to Queen in the finals, was on track for a return appearance, but his redemption tour ended when he was swept two straight by Lazewski who won both games in less than 30 minutes.

The NCAA basketball style bracket was a best 2 out of 3 games in each round that had former heads up champs Queen, Jeremy McLauglin (Sept. 2010) and Christian Harder (Sept. 2011) all lose their first match.

After a first round bye, Weiss swept three of his series, including the finals, as he beat Ryan Chapman (2-1), Nicholas Muraco (2-0), Joseph Steirs (2-0) and Ryan Hall (2-1) before facing Lazewski for the title.

Lazewski earned $12,513 for his second place finish, while Hall & Elias took home 3rd/4th money for their semifinal losses.  Will Failla picked up his second cash of the series by advancing to the quarterfinals as did Thomas Ross, Josh Brikis and Joseph Stiers.

"It hasn't sunk in yet," says Weiss, who owns a pizza shop in New York, "I feel like I need to see my friends and girlfriend before it does."

Final Results


1st Matt Weiss (Suffern, NY) $25,026
2nd Scott Lazewski (Manalapan, NJ) $12,513
3rd/4th Ryan Hall (Hockessin, DE) $6,257
3rd/4th Darren Elias (Erie, PA) $6,257
5th-8th Will Failla (Smithtown, NY) $3,128
5th-8th Thomas Ross (Brooklyn, NY) $3,128
5th-8th Josh Brikis (Pittsburgh, PA) $3,128
5th-8th Joseph Steirs (Silver Spring. MD) $3,128

Full Tournament Results


Matt Weiss def Scott Lazewski

Final Four

Scott Lazewski def Darren Elias
Matt Weiss def Ryan Hall

Elite 8

Darren Elias def Will Failla
Matt Weiss def Joseph Steirs
Scott Lazewsi def Josh Brikis
Ryan Hall def Thomas Ross

Sweet 16

Darren Elias def Scott Baumstein
Thomas Ross def Derrick Huang
Will Failla def David Inselberg
Joseph Steirs def Athony Zinno
Matt Weiss def Nicholas Muraco
Scott Lazewski def Vinny Pahuja
Josh Brikis def David Simon
Ryan Hall def Mark Borges

Second Round

Matt Weiss def Ryan Chapman
Nicholas Muraca def Joe Wertz
Anthony Zinno def Alex Queen
Joseph Stiers def Leo Barlev
Thomas Ross def Brian England
Derrick Huang def Jeremy McLaughlin
Ryan Hall def Jamie Kerstetter
Mark Borges def Kevin Buro
Vinny Pahuja def Troy Longo
Scott Lazewski def Chris Tryba
Josh Brikis def Michael Michnick
David Simon def Travis Greenawalt
Darren Elias def Amarender Puri
Scott Baumstein def Jesse Bane
David Inselberg def Harry Korotki
Will Failla def Thomas Hoglund
First Round

Alex Queen def Henry Pagliuca
Anthony Zinno def Christian Harder
Joseph Stiers def Ryan Eriquezzo
Jeremy McLaughlin def Matthew Stone
Ryan Hall def Timothy Reilly
Kevin Buro def Dan Buzgon
Michael Michnik def Michael Millikin
David Simon def Michael Linster
Scott Baumstein def Vyacheslav Eyzerovich
Harry Korotki def Brian Ali
David Inselberg def Alex Torres


Ryan Chapman
Matt Weiss
Joe Wertz
Nicholas Muraca
Leo Barlev
Brian England
Thomas Ross
Derrick Huang
Jamie Kerstetter
Mark Borges
Troy Longo
Vinny Pahuja
Chris Tryba
Scott Lazewski
Josh Brikis
Travis Greenawalt
Amarender Puri
Darren Elias
Jesse Bane
Will Failla
Thomas Hoglund

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