Saturday, January 28, 2012

Event 20: Stuck at Four

$1,500 + $150 + $500 Purple Chip Bounty NLHE  

The final four are trading pots.

Manh Nguyen opened for 25k and got called by Brock Parker in the small blind.

The flop was K 9 7 -- all spades -- and Brock led out for 35k.  Manh raised to 80k and Brock called. 

Turn was another King.  Both players checked. 

River was the 8 of spades, putting four spades on the board.  Both players checked. 

Brock showed KQ off (no spade) for trip Kings.  Manh showed JT off (no spade) for the straight to take the pot.

Blinds are now 6k/12 with 2k antes.  Approximate chip counts:

Manh Nguyen - 1.6 million
Jamie Kerstetter - 840k
Josh Brikis - 570k
Brock Parker - 480k

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