Saturday, January 28, 2012

Event 20: Purple Repeaters

$1,500 + $150 + $500 Purple Chip Bounty NLHE

The 23 returning players are un-bagging and un-tagging (opposite of bag and tag?) as they've had a night to sleep on the prize pool.  Only 18 get paid, so we expect play to be tight as even the shortest stacks have 17 big blinds.

Karl Held (Forest Hills, NY) is the shortest with 41k, while Farhan Madhani (Miramar, FL) is the big stack with 350k (146 BB); average is 152 (63 BB).

Top prize is $76,387, while a min cash is $3,819.

Play resumes with 25 minutes left on level 14 (1,200/2400/300 ante); shuffle up and deal!

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