Saturday, January 28, 2012

Event 20: Good Sport on the Bubble

$1,500 + $150 + $500 Purple Chip Bounty NLHE

Dan Done for the Day

Dan DaConti (Mt. Laurel, NJ) is one of the first players to arrive for the Day 2 restart, but unfortunately he's the last to leave before the money.

DaConti ships eight big blinds with K 7 from the SB against Matt Ezrol who calls from the BB with 9 3. When a 9 hits the flop DaConti hits the rail in 19th place, one spot from the money.

He's a good sport about the situation even posing for a picture to which Josh Brikis says, "don't ever try to take my picture if I bust on the bubble." Russel Crane adds, "me too," as both players are happy with their min cash of $3,819.

DaConti enjoyed jousting with the media all afternoon and when first told that play would resume with blinds at 2k/4k he was insistent that the were 1,200/2,400, and he was right.  Later when told blinds were finally at 2k/4k DaConti was insistent that they were 1,500/3,000, but realized this time he was mistaken.

After finally busting during the 2k/4k level it's clear why DaConti wanted to avoid Level 16 so badly.  It's not all bad for DaConti who collected two bounties ($1,000 total) still has a 7th place in Event 13 ($350 Big Stack) for $4,814.

The final 18 players are redrawing for new seats at the final two tables.

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