Saturday, January 28, 2012

Event 21 Champion: Sommers

$260 + $40 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLHE (Re-Entry)

Lee Sommers (Germantown, MD)

Congratulations to Lee Sommers who just won Event 21 along with a $24,720 payday.

Lee also pocketed eight $100 bounties along with the engraved Borgata Event trophy.

As for the Blind Squirrel t-shirt he wanted to chop it with the other players, remove a sleeve etc., but NJ law won't allow it.

Sommers directs 25 personal trainers in the Washington D.C. area. Today he ran circles around the competition and ran completely over eight players.

In May 2011 Lee took down the Orleans Open in Vegas. He thanks wife Amy for letting him sneak away for the weekend to play some poker at Borgata. He also says hi to his 2-year old, Jordan.

Lee said today he played some of the best poker he has ever played. Astonishingly every time Lee was in a pot or faced a race, he was ahead with the best hand.

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