Sunday, January 29, 2012

Time to Check the Tweets

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Play resumed after the break with Level 5, blinds 100/200, 25 antes.

Here are some player tweets from the break:

Lee Childs @leechilds
Workin hard. Back to 22,875. Blinds going to 100/200/25 after break. #bwo2012

Jerry Payne @sandler1860
27,575 on break going to 100 200 with 25. i think i won 1 hand those last 2 levels, not many chances.

christopher tryba @christryba
38k at 2nd brk...hangin around

Kevin Saul @KevinSauLivePro
2nd break of borgata main, 24k after 4 levels. Play 4 more today going to 150-300 25a

Austen Johnson @aje221
20k going to 100/200 25. Table is ridiculously tough and im card dead.

Jason Deutsch @MrPerfekt
21k on second break and couldn't be happier--was down to 900 chips an hour ago

Justin Zaki @Justin_Zaki
60k from 30k starting in Borgata main. Binds goin to 100-200(25). Playin good, runnin good, feelin good

Al Riccobono @bigalric
Down to 10K. I've had better days. #whydidmyalarmclockhavetowork!

Trevor Savage @TreMomey
45.1k on 2nd break going back to 100/200/25

Aaron Steury @NDGrinder
60,675 2nd break playing 100/200/25a #BWO2012

Robert Hwang @ActionBobNJ
2nd break back to 31k.

jacob bazeley @bazeman11
Down to 10k goin into 100-200 25ante..losing with sets playing bad yadayada #kevinpittsnogle

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