Sunday, January 29, 2012

Early Bird Tweets

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)  

Tables are 9-handed today, so players have a little extra elbow room.

21 tables active already with players still arriving.

Here are some of the early Tweets (remember to use #BWO2012 to help us find your tweets):

Amanda Musumeci @TheReaLMander
BWPO main event today! Glllll

Daniel Buzgon @WiLDmAn_75
Day 1a of borgata main starting. 30k stack at 25/50. Can nit that stack for hours. #peacefullygrinding

jacob bazeley @bazeman11
Bout to play 3500 Borgata WPO flagship, bit first a little #breadnbutter just like the homey @PakmanMMA would want me to start my day

brock parker @brock_parker
Day 1a Borgata main (3500 2m guarantee)

Al Riccobono @bigalric
$3,500 Borgata Winter Open Championship Event. 2 Million Guarantee pool. Starting with 30k in chips at 11am. Winning this would be nice!

Justin Zaki @Justin_Zaki
Day 1a of Borgata Main today. Feelin a lil hungover but ready to rock n roll

Lee Childs @leechilds
Borgata $3500 Main Event day 1A today. 30k starting stacks. 75 min levels. #focused #determined #BWO2012

Trevor Savage @TreMomey
Borgata winter open main event today, first tourney in a while. Finished 3rd last year gonna try to get all the chips this year. #BWO2012

Jerry Payne @sandler1860
$3500 main today.

Aaron Steury @NDGrinder
Main event day 1a today at 11 #time2shine #savedrungood #BWO2012

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