Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 1A Chip Leaders

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

After playing the final six hands of the night, 119 players have bagged and tagged.  Alex Queen is the big stack with 215,125 and earns himself a $5,000 bonus as the Day 1A chip leader. 

The average stack is 61k (102 BB) and when the returning players join Day 1B players Tuesday for Day 2 blinds will be 300/600/75.

Players (short stacks) can surrender their chips and start again fresh as the double play option is available.

Here's a look at the big stacks and others counts we found in Twitterverse:

Big Stacks

Alex Queen 215,125
Michael Borovetz 169,225
Michael McNeil 153,925
Joe Verrecchia 144,800
Mitchel Martin 138,300
Anthony Newman 133,800
Matt Glantz 131,200
Paul Leon 130,550
Dave Inselberg 123,625
Matt Brady 117,175
Danny Currie 116,200
Phil Collins 112,025
John Parker 110,525
Will Failla 109,250
Charlie Townsend 104,350
Darren Elias 102,700

Twitter Stacks

Brian Hastings 75,000
Aaron Steury 70,000
Justin Azki 67,250
Trevor Savage 60,375
Andy Frankenberger 59,500
Jason Deutsch 53,000
Russell Crane 46,000
Roman Valerstein 45,800
Christian Harder 42,000
Brent Roberts 42,000
Chris Tryba 36,000
Bob Hwang 34,000
Matt Matros 26,700
Glenn McCaffrey 25,300
Jerry Payne 14,875


Jacoby Bazeley

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