Sunday, January 29, 2012

Event 22: 1.2 Million Chip Pot

$1,000 + $90 Six-Max No Limit Hold'em

Avalos Ascends to Chip Lead

The biggest pot of the tournament is three way all in preflop.

Blinds: 4k/8k/1k ante

Carlos Avalos raises UTG to 21k
Thomas Hoglund calls
Michael Wang is all in for 163k
Avalos calls
Hoglund is all in and has both players covered
Avalos snap calls for 527k

Avalos: A A
Hoglund K♣ K
Wabg K Q

Flop: 7 10 Q(Wang pair of queens, trips draw)
Turn:  4
River 9

With a flush on board Avalos is lucky enough to be holding the correct ace and wins the 1.2 million chip pot with the ace high flush.  He knocks out Wang and cripples Hoglund to 100k in the process.

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