Monday, January 30, 2012

Event 24: Bubble Broken

$400 + $50 No Limit Hold'em

In hand for hand action, Carla Berrios (Baltimore, MD) pushes her short stack in with A-2 and is called by K-4 in the big blind.

Carla drops a deuce and it holds on a board of 2-9-6-10-8.

Once again Carla is the Last Woman Standing.

Over at another table, a player is all-in holding A-J. Chip leader Eugene Fouksman calls and tables 5-8 off.

Before the cards are dealt, Misha Morgovsky (Brooklyn, NY) says, "It's over people, we're all in the money". Everyone laughed. Misha's knew that if Eugene the luckbox was in a hand he was gonna win.

Sure enough dealer shows a five in the door. A-J doesn't improve on a board of 10-6-5-7-7.

Bubble was so upset he jumped out of his seat and headed out. Apparently another player also folded A-J so he was drawing pretty thin.

Congratulations to all 18 players who have made the cash.

Don't forget the Total Buy-In is 58,400.

Everyone's gunning for first place which pays $16,994.

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