Monday, January 30, 2012

Event 22 Champion: - Ferrell

$1,000 + $90 Six-Max No Limit Hold'em

Michael Ferrell (Cleveland Heights, OH)

Congratulations to Michael Ferrell who just won one of the toughest Borgata tournaments out there, the 6-Max.

Ferell sacrificed a lot to get this victory. 1) it took over two days of mental and physical poker acumen and 2) he injured his knuckle - not from checking too many times but from fist pumping his younger brother James who was rooting faithfully from the rail. Also part of the crew were Joe and another James.

A good problem to have as there were many fist pumps and big hands that fell Ferrell's way at the right time.

Michael is primarily a high-stakes internet cash player but he still enters a handful of live tournaments each year including the WSOP. We're glad he drove out from Ohio to play in the 2012 Borgata Winter Poker Open and I'm certain Michael is glad too, especially after tonight's victory.

The Final Table should have been renamed The Ferrell Table as Michael hit whatever card he needed almost at will. Two times in particular he had his short stack all-in-at-risk with quality hands, but still behind.

First his 99 crushed Jerry Maher's 10-10's after turning a 9 then he hit runner runner threes to crack Carlos Avalos' 44's.

Michael is going to celebrate this win tonight with his Bro-gata's then decide if he'll make an appearance in the 2012 Borgata Winter Poker Open Championship Event.

Congrats again to Michael Ferrell for his first place 6-Max victory where he'll take home a $70,234 money bomb.

Borgata Poker Excessive Celebration Injury

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