Monday, January 30, 2012

Defrosting the Fridge

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Above Even Stevens

Early chip leader William Perry, same name as former Chicago Bears player "The Refrigerator," Perry, is out on the last hand before break.  After taking his stack to more than 100k, he puts his last 18k all in with a pair of 8s and a gutshot straight draw.

The river is a brick and this "fridge" is unplugged and out the door.  "I knew he wouldn't make it to 6 o'clock," says Ben Geller, "it was just a matter of who was going to get the chips."  The player benefiting from Perry's collapse is Dave Stevens (Wilton, CT) who wins the hand with pocket jacks.

No word if Perry will be starting over with a fresh 30k stack as the re-entry period is closing, while Stevens now has 80k.

Perry (center) Exiting, as Jay Nair (right) & Ryan Julius Watch

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