Monday, January 30, 2012

Break Time Tweets

$3300 + $200 Championship No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)  

Two levels down and it is time for a break.

The players are grabbing a bite or a smoke, but some are taking the time to Tweet their progress.  Here are some of those tweet-notes:

John Racener @racener
After 2 levels got about 43k. #borgatamain

Eli Loewenthal @Eli_Loewenthal
26.5k from 30k start. Pretty rough starting table. #teambacon

Matt Stout @MattStoutPoker
17k at 75/150 from 30k starting stack In Borgata main. Bricked open ender in huge 3way pot, 3bet Busquet w KQ, paid AK off on K hi board #fb

Cherish Andrews @CherishAndrews
47k on first break of the main. #BWO2012

Dan Howe @DannyHowe
36.8k from 30 1st break borgata day 1A. Incredible table!

Lee Childs @leechilds
26,500 first break.

Kevin Saul @KevinSauLivePro
1st break of borgata 3.5k, 30.5k from 30k start, might be most absurd table in room, already lost 3 terribad players

David To @dimeat
29950 at first break, going into 75/150. #BWO2012.

stealthmunk @stealthmunk
75,200 end level 2 borgata from 30,000 heading to 75-150 #mashing

Brian O'Donoghue @Hutch3276
27k 1st break. 1 huge fish, 1 good player, and 5 varying levels of exploitable

Orson Young @YoungOrson
38,650 on first break of the Main Event #BWO2012

Jonathan Sorscher @superost
40k on first break. Feelin good. Good table draw.

Gordon Eng @Flashgordon227
30500 1st break

Eric Haber @sheetspwns
End level 2 borgata winter open....27000 from 30000 going up to 75/150

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