Monday, January 30, 2012

Event 22: 2nd Place - Avalos

$1,000 + $90 Six-Max No Limit Hold'em

Carlos Avalos (Woodbridge, VA)

It seemed like both Carlos Avalos and Michael Ferrell were destined to win this tournament. Alas, only one person could take home the trophy.

After one hour of heads-up play, Carlos takes the second place prize.

Both players hugged at the end of the match as they have been playing across from each other both yesterday and again today.

"It was great playing with Carlos...he was having a great time and it was fun to play with him, especially heads up" said Michael.

Carlos is a telecommunications business owner who plays poker for fun.
$41,735 represents Carlos' biggest Borgata cash (not withstanding Borgata slot jackpots).

"I can only play in the Borgata Winter Poker Opens because that's my slow season at the office" explained Carlos.

Carlos survived his first heads-up all in after his K-6 ran down Michael's A-Q.

But his luck would finally run out when his A-9 lost to Michael's J-3 on a board of J-4-3-J-10.

Great job to amateur poker player Carlos Avalos who fell short of the #1 spot but still outplayed and outlasted 282 other Borgata 6-max maniacs to the tune of a $41,735 score.

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