Friday, January 27, 2012

Event 21: Non-Bubble Bubble

$260 + $40 + $100 Black Chip Bounty NLHE (Re-Entry)

Mukul Pahuja - 734,000

Huge hand for Mukul Pahuja (Long Island, NY) who knocks out two players sending the remaining 36 bounty-hunters into the money.

A flop of 10-Q-8 got everything started as all involved connected.

Mukul flopped top two against another big stack at the table who flopped bottom two.
Oh yeah, another guy had K-Q and got his chips in as well.

Pahuja ships all in on top causing Ryan Martinez (New York, NY) to call fairly quickly.
"I was swinging to win, not to finish 37th" said Martinez who whiffed on the turn 9 and river A. Martinez scooped four bounties and will play in the 1K 6-max tomorrow.

"I was lucky to cooler another guy with a big stack" said Pahuja who build his stack up to 734,000 and the tournament chiplead. After adding these two bounties, Mukul now has 7 total under his belt.

Everything happened so quickly with two exits at once that there really wasn't a bubble.

Once players figured out that they were all winning part of the $94,380 Total Buy-In they thanked Pahuja and celebrated.

Playing this baby out tonight until it concludes.


Mukul Pahuja
Decent bubble for me..went from 115k to 735k. Big CLer of the D-league event. 36 left after my dbl KO, got 8 handed avg or so

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