Friday, January 27, 2012

Event 18: 3rd Place - Klein

$500 + $60 Six-Max No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Andrew Klein (Ocean, NJ) 

On a board of K 8 7 6 Andrew Klein puts his remaining 800k chips all in.

Klein: AK (pair of kings)
England: 10 7 (pair of 7s, gutter draw)

River: 9

The river gives Brian England a straight and the nearly 3 million chip pot, sending Klein straight to the rail.

Klein is the self proclaimed best poker playing athlete in the world.  "I challenge anyone ranked higher than me to a 13 sport challenge for my lifetime earnings."

According to Bluff Magazine Klein is ranked 2,028 and with today's cash for $19,020 has $105,000 in career earnings.

Klein says basketball is one of his stronger games and that he's proficient at snowmobile and jet ski racing adding, "I'm 50 and will take on 20-year-olds."

England begins heads up play with the chip lead over Dan Wach 3.8 million to 1.3 million.  Blinds are 12k/24k/3k ante.

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