Friday, January 27, 2012

Event 20: Poker Pummeling

$1,500 + $150 + $500 Purple Chip Bounty NLHE

Louis Galasso - 150,000

Either Louis Galasso (Cranberry, NJ) is lucky or Mike Summers (Charlotteville, VA) is unlucky.

After dinner Mike Summers had A-K four times and lost every one of them. Then he gets his stack in with AA vs. Louis Galasso's A-J.

That hand resulted in a chop as both places reached a wheel.

A couple hands later, Mike wakes up to KK and Louis has JJ.

A jack on the flop has Summers holding back his anger and frustration. Board runs: A-J-Q-6-7 giving Galasso the knock-out chip with a set of Jacks. "I apologize" said Louis who was quite sincere.

Mike took the blow as well as anyone could. What a horrible run.

7 tables remain with lots of heavy hitters remaining.

57 players with average chipstack at 61,403.

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