Friday, January 27, 2012

Event 19: 14th Place - Gambino

$400 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.  

Playing Razz:

The short-stacked Richard Maurer was all-in for 9k against James Ingram.  When the cards ran out, Richard made a 65-low to collect the pot.  With the antes and bring-in, Richard chipped up to 28k.

 Matt Gambino (W Babylon, NY)

On the next hand, he was all-in again with a short-stacked Matt Gambino and Robert Eikov.

This time Richard made a 7-low to take the main pot, chipping up to ~90k.

Matt Gambino took the side pot -- 2k.  He was all-in and busted on the next hand.

Matt Gambino finished in 14th place ($822).

Limits are up to 10k/20k.

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