Thursday, February 2, 2012

Event 26: Quadzilla

200 + $30 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry)

Fred Koutishian - J J J J

Fred Koutishian (Forked River, NJ) just scooped a 3 million chip pot after hitting runner-runner for quad Jacks.

His pocket JJ's were up against A-K. After an ace on the flop, Fred was looking for the exits...the a miracle Jack on the turn and another one on the river. The table erupted!

"This was actually the second time I hit quads in this tournament" said Fred who nailed four Ladies earlier.

Fred didn't think he'd be playing this many hours of poker and will have to call in sick for his Public Works job later today.

Here' proof that Fred really is playing poker all night at Borgata.

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  1. Do you think I am shocked & burnt from almost 20 hours of poker? Fred