Friday, February 3, 2012

Borgata Bad Beat Hits

Karoon = Kaboom In A Threemendous Hand

Congratulations to Karoon Monfared (New York, NY) who just won the small Bad Beat Jackpot when his quad threes lost to Ari Nissim's (Morris Plaines, NJ) quad fours.

It all went down at 1:00 AM in the back of the Borgata Poker room on a $2 - $5 no limit hold'em cash game.

Karoom wins $20,000 of the jackpot while Ari earns $10,000 and the pot for winning the hand.

The remaining seven players, who we're incredibly excited, will chop up the remaining $20,000.

"I was just saying tonight that I've never even been playing when the bad beat hit and I've been playing for ten years" said the bad beater, Karoon Monfared.

On the flip side, Ari Nissim hit a bad beat once before at another casino.

As for the big hand of the night, five players limped in and saw a flop of 4 4 3.

Karoon held 3♠ 3 and Ari held 4♠ 4♣ .

An A♠ came on the turn followed by that miracle 3♣ on the river.

Karoon put the rest of his money in on the river and Ari called.

Once the men tabled their cards, the entire table jumped up and down, going wild.

Magnificent Seven each hitting for $2,857 included:
1. Alexandros Takounakis (Alexandria, VA)
2. Yosef Fima (New York, NY)
3. Daniel Fischer (Brigantine, NJ)
4. Daniel Chan (New York, NY)
5. Sushil Patel (Voorhees, NJ)
6. Joshua Nossel (New York, NY)
7. Jason Foster (Brick, NJ)

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